Enabling knowledge partnerships


Enabling knowledge partnerships

The aim of the Entrepreneurial Enterprise is to foster a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit through the development of knowledge partnerships.


  • To provide students with real world product development experiences through fostering relationships with the wider start-up community.

  • To drive innovation and knowledge sharing throughout the College to challenge and enrich student learning.

  • To establish a program/framework to empower students to collaborate, create and develop ideas to take to market.

  • To optimise the application of technology and analytics to identify and tailor opportunities for innovation and growth in student and staff learning.

Key Projects


Utilising St John’s 3D technology, we developed, printed and distributed protective face shields for healthcare professionals in Australia in response to the global pandemic.

DELL Student Techcrew program trains and prepares students to help their peers solve technical issues and fix hardware problems, upskilling them with career readiness skills.

St John’s is currently only the second school outside of the USA to participate in this program.

How to contribute

If you have an idea or a project that you would like to be considered within this Enterprise, or perhaps even the offer of your time or resources, we would love to hear from you at [email protected]