Faith Mission and Wellbeing

Nurturing spirituality and service

Faith, Mission and Wellbeing

Nurturing spirituality and service

The aim of the Faith Mission and Wellbeing Enterprise is to affirm the relevance and importance of our Anglican mission through nurturing the holistic development of our learning community.


  • To encourage and support our learning community to live by, uphold and celebrate the Anglican values accepting diversity, inclusivity and equity.

  • To embed positive psychology in all aspects of St John’s life for students, staff and the community.

  • To equip our students with tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of life now and in the future.

  • To actively cultivate the qualities of courage, resilience and compassion in interactions and learning experience to develop people of good character.

Key Projects


Launch of the new Faith Mission and Wellbeing Centre on the Secondary campus offering a calm and purposefully designed space for students.

Key Projects


With a focus on Senior School, projects are being developed for students to seek significance, cultivate success and build the courage to imagine their future beyond school.

How to contribute

If you have an idea or a project that you would like to be considered within this Enterprise, or perhaps even the offer of your time or resources, we would love to hear from you at [email protected]