As we seek to develop people of good character through growing stronger community partnerships, the idea for a St John’s Human Library series was brought to life.

The concept of ‘Human Books’ is for volunteer community members to share their life experiences, face to face, with students and staff of the College. There is nothing like direct human contact, something that many of us missed during the height of COVID times, to learn more about people from all walks of life.

The St John’s inaugural event was held on Thursday 12 May during lunchtime at the Information and Resource Centre on the Secondary campus with three guests from the wider College community.

Students (and staff) had the opportunity to come along and hear from the community members as they shared their stories and life lessons. Two members from the Forest Lake RSL Sub-branch, Mr Andrew Kutnyj and Mr Trevor Slaughter together with Mr Joel Hargrove sat down in small groups.

Andrew and Trevor have both served in the RAAF with Andrew also serving in the Army and Navy and Trevor with his assistance dog Basil.

Joel was also in the army but was discharged after injuring himself. As a result, he slipped into depression during which time he became heavily tattooed to keep people away, a decision he now regrets and is in the process of having them removed while studying to be a Paramedic. Joel is part of the Human Library experience at Australian Catholic University and was featured on Network 10’s The Project.

The St John’s Human Library Series is a wonderful opportunity for connection and to better our understanding of diversity to help create a more inclusive and cohesive community.

Mrs Bernadette Maullin
Information and Library Services Manager