Personal Learning and Success

Empowering lifelong learners

Personal Learning and Success

Empowering lifelong learners

To encourage a culture of lifelong learning by developing adaptive learning programs, technologies and professional partnerships in the St John’s community.


  • To actively educate the St John’s community on the science of learning and the impact on learning for effective student outcomes.

  • To embed practices based on the science of learning research into the development and implementation of teaching and learning practices.

  • To further develop flexible learning pathways that employ technological advancements in learning practices that prepare highly skilled agile digital citizens.

  • To partner with leading academic institutions to expand student and educator access to best global research practice.

Key Projects


Launch of St John’s SOAR accelerated learning and enrichment program in Years 5-12.

A new Aviation Unit has been introduced for our Year 10 students in the subject of Design and Engineering Technology.

Re-modelling of Middle School curriculum and academics with the introduction of continuous assessment through subject progress checkpoints and new progress indicators centred upon the 21st Century Skills.

Grant funded project administered through Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) to provide support in the review and implementation of a new teacher growth and development model.