Cultivating an engaged community


Cultivating an engaged community

The aim of the Social Enterprise is to cultivate a connected and engaged community that shares the importance of St John’s values and aspirations in learning.


  • To offer parents a greater sense of belonging to the St John’s community by improving purposeful engagement.

  • To develop a deeper connection and understanding of the broader learning community through the provision of opportunities for parents, grandparents, past students and beyond to engage with the College.

  • To empower parent partnerships with the College to support students in their educational journey.

  • To leverage the experience, skills and relationships of parents and past students to facilitate career development and network opportunities for current students and graduates.

Key Projects


Let’s Talk About event series bringing together members of our College community to explore topical ideas and share valuable experiences in a fun and informal environment.

Community wide competition to rename the new College Café at the Secondary campus.

Redevelopment of the Supporters of Sport (Parents and Friends Association subgroup) Food Kiosk in the new Sports Centre.

St John’s Anglican College Foundation officially launched their Seat Naming Campaign in 2021 offering current and past student and families the opportunity to dedicate a seat in the new retractable seating to be installed in the St John’s Sports Centre.