Students studying St John’s new iTech subject in Years 10-12 have had the opportunity to work on a space-focused educational program providing key insights into Space Exploration and Aerospace Design.

Providing our students with real-world experiences, the Space 2101 program is delivered by STEM Punks in partnership with the International Moon-base in Hawaii HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) and Lockheed Martin (an aerospace company).

Using 3D design and the design thinking framework of empathising, defining, ideating, prototyping, evaluating, and iterating, students have created a space station module on human well-being in orbit. They have been working in teams to build upon their critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills, while learning from real astronauts, space scientists, and space engineers around 3D design & 3D modelling; coding, robotics, and automation; wireless communication and IOT (internet of things).

HI-SEAS is a University of Hawaii at Manoa research program funded by NASA, designed to operate long-duration planetary surface missions while Lockheed Martin are pioneers in Space Exploration and supplies leading Scientific and Engineering solutions to current space programs. This partnership brings key insights into space exploration training and gives access to leading space scientists and engineers.

Students in the SPACE 2101 program have completed Missions 2101 and 2102 of the following four missions with much fun and enthusiasm and are looking forward to completing the next two missions: Mission 2101- Begin Training (STEM Tool Training); Mission 2102 – Earth Orbit (Project-based Learning); Mission 2103 – To the Moon (Problem-based Learning); and Mission 2104 – Mission to Mars (Work-based Learning).

This is a fantastic program engaging students in exploring future careers in the space industry and inspiring tomorrow’s innovators.

Mrs Sharon Singh
Head of eLearning and Innovation