As we reach almost two years from the launch of St John’s Strategic Enterprise Model, we have provided our students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and undertake a College portfolio in conjunction with one or more Strategic Enterprises.

Recently our Year 11 students engaged in a brainstorming session to discuss and share ideas as to how St John’s student body could actively contribute to our Strategic Enterprises. Under the guidance of the Heads of House and senior staff, the students explored areas of action within the Sustainability, Wisdom, Personal Learning and Success and People with Purpose Enterprises. Students sought to identify initiatives to reduce the ecological footprint at St John’s and the wider community within the Sustainability Enterprise through the introduction of composting bins, a veggie garden and the expansion of recycling bins in student classrooms. Other topics of discussion included spirituality and service, developing people of good character and empowering lifelong learning.

In its initial developmental stages, this student engagement will continue in 2022 and beyond as we continue to build our reputation as a global learning institute.

Mr Andrew Landroth                                                                                    Mrs Robern Hinchliffe
Deputy Principal – Curriculum and Innovation                                  Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care