St John’s Parents and Friends Association (P&F) works with the College in empowering parent partnerships to support students in their educational journey. P&F fundraising events and initiatives are integral in raising funds to provide new or improve existing resources for the benefit of the students.

In 2021, St John’s P&F Supporters of Sport (SOS) and Friends of the Arts (FOTA), through community fundraising, purchased new equipment for the College’s sports and performing arts departments. New portable, adjustable netball stands were delivered to the Junior School for our Years 2 and 3 netball players to develop to their skills during training sessions. With the portability of these stands, Junior students are also able to use and enjoy them during PE lessons.

Twenty new music stands were also purchased for students at the Junior School to utilise during music lessons and at Ensemble and Strings practices and performances.

The P&F collaborate with the College on an annual basis to determine the fundraising priorities for the year ahead with a calendar of events and community initiatives developed to raise these much-needed funds.

The installation of St John’s Sports Centre Retractable Seating is well underway with the tiered seating complete and ready for the name plaques to be fixed onto the seats. Over the past year, St John’s families have had the opportunity to dedicate seats in the sports centre which will build upon the current capacity of the facility, enhance the spectator experience, and provide further opportunities for the sporting community.

Seats are still available to make a dedication and you can do so by visiting –