Building a sustainable mindset


Building a sustainable mindset

The aim of the Sustainability Enterprise is to foster a culture of sustainability where resources are optimised for the benefit of St John’s community whilst building and strengthening the foundations for a sustainable and positive future.


  • To establish effective environmental and waste management programs designed to support and complement existing teaching and learning practices and foster a responsible mindset.

  • To further develop the Build Environment Plan for the College in conjunction with immediate educational priorities.

  • To drive productivity and effectiveness across systems and functions within a framework of best practice and sustainable fiscal management.

  • To empower students and staff to identify and implement initiatives to reduce the ecological footprint at St John’s and in the global community.

Key Projects


Installation of a Water Logger Data Meter at the Junior School campus to provide real time data on our water usage enabling the College to immediately address any water issues. This data meter compliments the Secondary campus which was installed two years prior already providing environment and financial benefits.

Renegotiation of our College wide printer contract with a supplier who is a leader in sustainability and environmental issues. Fuji Xerox was awarded the contract based on their Sustainability and Environmental Statements together with the UN 500 roll of honour for environmental leadership and the Banksia Award leading in sustainability.

Over 800 solar panels were installed on the roofs of the Junior and Secondary campus buildings at the end of 2021.  Solar power is the cleanest and safest source of energy in the world and will help St John’s reduce carbon emissions to maintain a cleaner environment.  Further details on this sustainable project can be found here.

Completed in early 2022, the redeveloped Middle School Precinct provides a vibrant environment of visually stimulating and practical spaces that students can identify with, personalise and call their own.

Withdrawal pods in each classroom offer a retreat away from the main area for students to work and study. Writable wall spaces, flexible classrooms and furniture, and outdoor learning and gathering spaces have been created in an intentional and effective way to ensure students are actively engaged and achieving their full potential.

These positive and productive connections contribute to the overall learning community which is integral to the success of the students on their Middle School journey.